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Obamagate Trump is deflected from an inability to handle a pandemic | Instant News

Gene H. McIntyre, Guest Opinion

Published 5:34 PM PT May 22, 2020

One of President Donald Trump’s latest messages spelled “Obamagate,” was recently mentioned again shortly after former President Barack Obama expressed his disappointment at the US Department of Justice issuing accusations against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, who fired Trump himself for lying about his conversation with the Russian ambassador.

On the same day, Obama warned that “the rule of law was in danger” while the lack of COVID-19 management had brought the nation into “catastrophic absolute chaos.”

Never able to let comments go quietly, Trump on Mother’s Day surrendered to right-wing propaganda, wrote 80 tweets and re-tweets that attacked and plundered the former president.

At the same time, Trump was piggybacking on ultra-right podcaster Buck Sexton who had made it clear that Obama “used his final weeks in the office to target incoming officials and the new government.” Trump drives Sexton’s repeated message that President Obama committed “the biggest political crime in American history, so far!”

So, what crime did Trump accuse Obama of? At the White House Rose Garden last week, Trump, when asked, could only describe “Obamagate” as “something that lasted a long time, even before I was elected” and “a crime that was very clear to everyone” while “disgrace that it happened.”

When asked specifically by the Washington Post reporter, Trump said, “You know what crime is. Crime is very clear to everyone. All you have to do is read the newspaper.”

In the absence of specifics, Trump’s observers speculate that he, confused and stumbled in his response to the pandemic, is trying every possible angle to divert attention from its shortcomings and shortcomings as the virus gets closer to the virus. U.S. death which exceeds 100,000.

This strategy may have a lot to do with the fact that, unless absolutely unexpected happens, Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, will run against Trump in the November 2020 national elections.

Meanwhile, during his reign, Trump has been very busy ending Affordable Care Act, that Iran nuclear deal, that Paris climate agreement and occupational safety and health regulations and regulations as justification by Trump for four more years as U.S. leader

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As part of a much bigger picture than our current president, there is Trump’s effort to bring it Inspector General (IG) position for control. These positions are established by law as independent and non-partisan supervisory agents in each executive branch of our government. Their aim is to audit the operations of each institution to detect and prevent cases of violations, waste, fraud and misuse of government procedures.

The Inspectorate General has a proven track record of integrity with honesty, moral principles, and honesty. The former IG has been sacked for no reason, thus giving the Trump administration free to serve him and his family on all matters of the federal government.

I am an older man, born in the past in America and happy about it. I learned in school that my life would be different from the life oppressed by authoritarian governments elsewhere in the world. I have since embraced my country’s Constitution, the Bill of Rights, rule of law and middle-class operational values, believing it will last forever.

Now, a man as president threatens all that, paralyzing the next generation from the benefits enjoyed by my privileges and opportunities. Unbelievably, even a few years ago, the fate of my nation had descended to the 2020 national elections.

Keizer resident, Gene H. McIntyre, believes in the involvement of the community where each member plays an active role in public matters and debates. You can contact him at [email protected]

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