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Alejandro Ripley’s mother was the main focus of the investigation into his death and claimed to have a role in his death, a senior law enforcement source told CBS 4 News.

The source also said that the mother claimed to fabricate a story about two black men who kidnapped her child.

Law enforcement sources said the mother went on strike after police found witnesses who claimed to have seen a mother with a child near the lake where the child’s body was finally found.

Amber’s warning to 9-year-old Alejandro, who was allegedly kidnapped from his mother’s car Thursday night, was canceled on Friday morning.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed that Alejandro was found dead.

Friday, at around 7:50 a.m., a body was found floating in a lake in SW 62 Street and 138 Court area southwest of Miami-Dade at Miccosukee Golf and Country Club near where the boy was taken.

“We can see the body of a child in the water on the south side of the golf course,” Detective Chris Thomas said.

While the police did not confirm Ripley, they told Peter D’Oench of CBS4 that they were continuing the case as if it were him.

“Alejandro Ripley was reported kidnapped last night. We do not rule out the possibility that this could be the same case, the same person. But, of course, we must wait for the killings to carry out their investigations so that we can make a positive ID and make contact with family members to see if this is actually the same person, “Thomas said.

Patricia Ripley and her son Alejandro, who are autistic, non-verbal, drive in the SW 88th Street and 158th Avenue area around 8:30 pm. when he told the police he saw a car following them.

He later told authorities that when the car driver tried to sweep Ripley, he diverged from the road in front of the Home Depot parking lot. The driver of the car then drove in front of him and blocked it.

“Passenger vehicles get out of the vehicle, approach the mother, and ask for medicines. He said he had no medicine. So the passenger at that time reached, took his cellphone, stole his cellphone, and took his child, “said Miami-Dade police detective Angel Rodriguez.

The police questioned those who worked at Home Depot. They also questioned the boy’s mother.

“He is being interrogated now. We also inspected several areas to look for surveillance tapes that might show any vehicles entering and exiting, “Thomas said.

Ripley’s neighborhood was saddened by the news of his death.

“We are very, very sad. My wife broke down. We appreciate that child. He is autistic but looks like a very, very happy child. He always plays, does something with his small laptop, “said Boris Ugartechea, a neighbor and family friend.

Friendship Circle of Miami holds a Friday afternoon memorial service for Ripley.

Services take place in the Friendship Circle parking lot at 8700 SW 112 Street.

About 30 people attended a warning, walk-up service where everyone got out of their cars.

Rabbi Yossi Harlig told D’Oench, “Even though I don’t know Alejandro, he is like everyone’s little child, especially when you are raising a child with special needs. It comes with challenges. For us, we want the public to know that we hold him tight. If one child’s life is lost, it affects us all. “

Sympathy cards, mementos, and flowers are collected and then sent to the family.

Those who know Alejandro say he stands out because of his happiness.

“Every time I see Alejandro, he is like the happiest child ever,” said Antoinette Uribe. “Never frowning. He always smiles.”

Uribe said his son and Alejandro attended the My Kid Therapy Center together. He says he sees Alejandro every day. The center employees gathered alerts for Alejandro on Friday afternoon at Friendship Circle. Uribe said Alejandro appeared very close to his father.

“Alejandro will be very happy to see his father,” he said. “He will give her a kiss. They will say ‘I love you.’ “

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