Flash floods occur in several areas on Sunday PM; calmer on Memorial Day | Weather | Instant News

The amount of rainfall 2-4 inches in less than 2 hours in Franklin County south / west diagonally in Henry County will pose a threat of flash floods almost at any time of the year under any circumstances, but the level of rainfall is very bad coming above the week then extensive 6-12-inch long lasting rainfall.

We might get a break from the threat of heavy rain in the Roanoke / NRV area on Remembrance Day, although there may be some fog, low clouds, drizzle and some rain falling, especially in the morning. The cold front of the “back door” had slid, with northeastern to east winds carrying cooler, more stable but moist air from the sea. The sun may burn in the afternoon with temperatures dropping until the 70s to close to 80. Or maybe not and we will be trapped closer to 70. Wedges are often more stubborn than project models.

The weather was warm and sticky again for most of the week outside Monday, with rain and thunderstorms scattered in the afternoon, rising towards the end of the week when the cold front approached from the west.

Until and unless we dry for several days, we must remain vigilant for flash floods whenever there are inches or more of rain in a short amount of time.


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