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Pritzker last week announced that the restaurant would be able to offer outdoor dining services in the third phase of the plan, which had faced backward pressure across the state because it was too tight, because it was announced earlier this month.

At an outside table 6 feet apart, Illinois residents will be able to eat and drink again outside their homes during the next phase of the reopening plan, served by employees who will be instructed to wear masks on their noses and mouths, check their temperature before entering and wash their hands for 20 seconds, every 30 minutes. Restaurant operators are asked not to refill customer drinks and instead use new glasses, and serve food using a delivery tray to “minimize hand contact.”

Illinois City League Executive Director Brad Cole stood with Pritzker at a press conference on Sunday where he announced new industry guidelines and called them “a good first step,” but noted that many city officials “hoped that additional steps like these could be taken when this again soon. “

The regional government has been largely tasked with enforcing an order to stay at Pritzker’s house which took effect March 21, and city officials will continue to provide governor input to “expand and improve the recovery plan,” Cole said.

“We will do that with a spirit of cooperation and understanding that many local officials have been placed in a no-win position amid either opposing their constituents or disregarding state orders,” Cole said. “The ongoing challenge for all of us is to work together and mutual commitment to the process is appreciated.”


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