Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear blamed GOP legislators for triggering violent protests against the locking of the corona virus | Instant News

But on Tuesday, Beshear also blamed those who perpetrated violence against Republican MPs in his country, who he accused of contributing to an increasingly tense atmosphere of anti-lockout protests.

“You can’t fan a fire and curse a fire,” Beshear said Tuesday.

As President Trump and hers close ally has changed the pandemic restrictions to a partisan fighting, pitting ideological allegiance to public health advice, the Democratic governor who oversees hard-hit countries has faced him getting hotter protest from frustrated people with orders to stay home and the closure of a business that began in March.

Beshear was the second governor to face the imminent death threat through the statue. On May 14, protesters confused more than a brown-haired doll hanging from a rope on the steps of the Michigan Capitol, only days later local report a Facebook post has appeared making threats against Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D).

Whitmer also accused the GOP of inciting violent protests. The governor said “Axiom on HBO“On Monday that Republicans in the Michigan legislature had pushed protesters in his state. He added that he had asked the Trump administration to recall the president’s provocative rhetoric on Twitter, where he had been called to”FREEING“Michigan and voice support for armed protesters there.

“The heat is starting to rise,” he told Axios.

In Kentucky on Sunday, protesters hung a mark on the neck of the doll that read “sic semper tyrannis,” a Latin phrase meaning “therefore always for tyrants” which by John Wilkes Booth claimed he shouted after killing President Abraham Lincoln. The symbol of violence marked the peak of the protest which was attended on Sunday by the Kentucky Three Percenters, a chapter from the right wing. militia group affiliated with Patriot movement.

“Let’s start by calling it what it is and what it is, actions aimed at creating fear and terror,” Beshear said, describing the actions of the demonstrators.

Beshear said they had “shouted and denounced” on the other side of the window where his children often played. His children, aged 10 and 9, were not at home during the protest, he added.

“I will not be afraid, I will not be disturbed and I will not back down,” Beshear said on Tuesday.

Beshear points to the recent rhetoric from GOP legislators as a source of extreme hostility displayed at Sunday’s protests. Some Republican state legislators have attend a similar protest in early May and gave a speech that dramatically destroyed Beshear, he said.

“Standing before a radical militia group, these elected officials claimed that people including me were not Christians, and even told them that people wanted babies to be killed,” Beshear added. “What do you think will happen after dumping such claims on this group? Shouldn’t they know what will happen? “

State Representative Savannah Maddox, a Republican MP from Beshear criticized, said he did not attend Sunday’s rally and stood with his caucus “in condemning all acts of hatred in the context of political discourse.” But he also reply back to the governor and him political opponent who criticized him for taking photos with the man who hung the statue at a past event.

“His statement is part of a larger initiative which he has stated together with the Kentucky Democratic Party to divert responsibility for the economic chaos created by his actions,” she says in a statement.

Many famous Republicans in Kentucky denounced the statue quickly and forcefully.

Kentucky House Speaker David Osborne said he and his Republican colleagues were “angry” by the image of violence displayed at the capitol.

“The Lincoln party will not forgive this,” he said, proposing a direct contrast to the expression of the protesters attached to the hanging doll.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Said the protesters went too far by hanging the statue.

“As a strong defender of the First Amendment, I believe Americans have the right to protest peacefully,” he said words in a statement. “However, today’s actions against Governor Beshear cannot be accepted. There is no place for hate in Kentucky. “

Daniel Cameron, Republican attorney general of the state, called the image “sickening.”

“We must learn to disagree without the threat of violence,” he said tweeted Sunday.

The fast attack had consequences for at least one of the people who hung the statue. Neil Huffman Automotive Group, which runs several car dealers in Kentucky, said on Tuesday the company had fired an employee involved in the incident after an internal investigation.

“There is no place for hatred or intolerance at any of our dealers,” the company said words in a statement.

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