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McEnany did not specify what the order would include, but it marked the most significant step the President had taken war with technology companies because they struggle to balance freedom of speech with the problem of developing misinformation.
On Tuesday, Twitter implementing fact checking Trump’s two tweets, including one that falsely claimed the ballot would cause widespread voter fraud. Trump immediately retaliated, accusing the social media giant of censoring and warning that if he continued to offer additional messages, he would use the power of the federal government to control them or even kill them.

It is not clear what obstacles the President will be able to apply to social media companies through executive orders. Regardless, this step enhances Trump’s fight with Silicon Valley, and highlights what he believes is a battle worth having. In many ways, the latest episode with Twitter feeds Trump’s narrative that there is a strong force in the media that is in harmony with him, and that it is the only voice that can be trusted by his supporters.

“This plays a direct role in the hands of President Trump,” said Jason Miller, communications director for the 2016 Trump campaign and someone who has been directly involved with Trump’s social media strategy. “They basically handed him a big present.”

Many of Trump’s political allies rushed to defend himself on Wednesday.

“Twitter was involved in the intervention of the 2020 elections. They used their thumbs on the scale,” said Florida Republican Rep Matt Gaetz, a loyal Trump supporter and successor during a podcast produced by Steve Bannon War Room Pandemic. “The idea that they will outsource the facts to check the wrong people about everything is an insult.”

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said that his team no longer paid for advertising on Twitter and accused the tech giant of deliberately influencing the election to hurt the president.

“We always know that Silicon Valley will stop all obstacles to obstruct and interfere with President Trump to deliver his message to voters,” Parscale said in a statement. “Partnering with fake news media ‘fact-checking’ is just a smoke screen that Twitter uses to try to provide their clear political tactics some false credibility.”

The president made the decision to warn Twitter in spite of the fact that the company and most other social media platforms have allowed it and its colleagues to peddle conspiracy theories which are based on several obstacles. While Twitter added a fact check to Trump’s tweet via voting via email, it did not do so on one of his last baseless tweets that suggested MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. somehow involved in death from the former aide, even though there was a request from the widower of the aide to lower the tweet.
Checking the fact that Trump recently claimed that the ballot was fraught with letters
Trump’s Twitter the habit has been carefully researched for almost all of his political careers, but people who are used to using this platform describe less about strategy and more mindset when he or a helper delivers a message.

Others in the government, and even some of Trump’s closest advisers, were regularly stunned by what appeared in his bait – if not always surprised.

While his messages often have the effect of diverting attention from unprofitable headlines, people close to the President say it is their impression that he truly believes many of the conspiracies he sent – including theories disputed about his predecessors – and that he not only raised them with the hope of diverting attention elsewhere.

Trump’s top social media adviser, Dan Scavino Jr., was recently appointed as one of the highest-ranking officials in the West Wing. His title, deputy chief of staff for communication, disavowed the fundamental role he played both in using Trump and Twitter in his life in general. Trump trusts Scavino almost unconditionally. Scavino has worked for him President since before the 2016 campaign when he was a manager at one of Trump’s golf clubs.

Scavino is usually a person who searches for internet content – sometimes from fringe sources and often incendiaries – who find a way to feed Trump’s Twitter, even though friends and other advisers have suggested tweets and retweets as well.

The Scavino West Wing office gives him regular access to the President, as does his presence which is almost everywhere on Trump’s journey, where he is often seen recording videos or photographing the President. He is believed to be the only other person who has access to @RealDonaldTrump, although the account mechanism has never been confirmed by the White House.

Harsh words from Trump are always controversial. But recently, when the US death toll from a pandemic has approached 100,000, they have become uncomfortable for even some of the President’s most prominent supporters.

“I think the President should stop tweeting about Joe Scarborough in the middle of a pandemic,” said Representative Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican. “He is the commander in chief of this nation and he caused great pain in the family of the young woman who died.”

But those who understand the President’s social media habits believe that it is unlikely he will change his behavior in the near future. Miller, who has been present as Trump made his tweet, said the President viewed the platform as a channel through which he could speak directly to his supporters.

“That is one of President Trump’s super powers,” Miller said. “He understood from the start that social media, especially Twitter, gave him varnish access to Americans and their supporters. What Trump maximized was the ability of social media to cut out artificial talks made by mainstream media.”


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